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from Tim & Cassie Chattin Aetna Furnace

Hi! Jamers,We didn't know you were so talented.Pictures are great. Want to know if you ever took any down at the Aetna Furnace? I plan to have my ashes scattered there when my numbers up and thought it would be cool to have a picture of my resting place before I go.Keep up the good work. Previous Response:
on November 07, 2009
 Hey James, Great photograph of the Aetna Furnace. I would really like to get a print from you to be framed and put on my wall. I am in Florida now,be back in Jersey in April. Let me know if you could do that and what would be the cost.Keep up the "Great" work. Previous Response:
on August 24, 2011
 Shoot, so that's that one suppeoss. 

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